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About Us

Our Services

Our clients are primarily small and medium sized business owners who want to sell their businesses and whose goals are as follows:

  1. Fair Price
  2. Maintain Business Name and Operation.
  3. Retain Employees
  4. Provide a definitive timeline when this will be accomplished, (making every effort to effect # 2 and # 3), but with timeliness being the highest criteria.

Competitive Advantage

MBA will take advantage of our “machine”, that is our family of businesses that focus on asset sales and marketing providing an unmatched pool of buyers and unparalleled marketing resources.  MBA has a staff of over 120 employees and the inhouse capabilities to handle all aspects of your project from real estate, equipment, valuations, sales and marketing.  MBA also has staffs IT experts who build custom websites and state of the art data rooms for their clients. 

The Market

The current marketplace includes a large generation of baby boomers who have worked a long and successful career and established businesses. These business owners are now desiring to retire, and timeliness is an important factor in their decision, they don’t want to wait years for a solution that may never materialize. We will offer consulting and will meet their need to have an efficient solution that actually does sell their business.  We will outperform traditional business brokers who are typically 20% effective. Our system, with its alternate methodology and planning, would be 100% effective in finalizing the sale of the owner’s business.

Over time, we developed a series of specialized companies that allow us to provide expert asset management solutions tailored to the individual client’s needs. We are the Advisors you have been looking for. Get to know our companies here.

Started in 1984, Miedema Auctioneering LIVE Division is our live equipment auction division that conducts millions of dollars of traditional style auction sales annually. These include construction, agricultural, industrial, commercial, business liquidations, and more. We offer real time live internet bidding to augment our professional on-site traditional auctioneers, maximizing our sellers market and increasing selling prices. When the excitement and competition of a live, traditional auction is desired, our Miedema Auctioneering team delivers.

Started in 1984, Miedema Appraisals specializes in providing accurate, confidential, and professional appraisals for most types of personal property and commercial assets. Started as a Michigan appraisal company, we have expanded to offer global appraisals. Our team writes over 200 appraisals annually for all types of machinery, equipment and personal property, valuing millions of dollars of assets for our clients which include financial institutions, legal professionals, courts, and other professionals and corporations across the globe.

Operating as a group of 9 separate but cooperatively integrated corporations, Miedema Asset Management Group regularly assists financial institutions, distressed corporations, restructuring firms, and corporate clients with asset management solutions to their complex asset transactions and situations.

The principals of Miedema Asset Management Group, Sid and Scott Miedema, have acquired, managed and disposed of machinery, equipment, intellectual property, and real estate for more than 30 years across North America through Miedema live and online auction liquidation services.

Started in 2000, Repocast is our recovery and sales division. We market commercial, business, and personal property assets of all types for banks, credit unions, trustees, businesses, and individuals. We have many auctions every week typically selling over 3000 items and attracting thousands of bidders. We have three permanent Michigan facilities, one in the Grand Rapids Metro region (Byron Center), one in Southwest Michigan region (Wayland), and one in the Flint Metro region. Repocast can handle voluntary or involuntary repossessions from a whole business to a single car, moving these items to our secure facility to be included in our auctions.

Started in 2002, Orbitbid brings the internet auction to your facility and sells all the assets from your location, providing an efficient and effortless auction with all the benefits of a large bidding audience. We have the latest in internet bidding technology, and a huge following of online bidders (nearly 300,000 register bidders) from all over the world. Orbitbid conducts over 300 auctions annually totaling millions of dollars.

Started in 2008, LAST BID Real Eastate specializes in selling real estate via online bidding. We market several hundred real estate properties each year for banks, credit unions, government agencies, corporations, and private individuals with our unique and highly successful online auction bidding platform. Bidders from around the world are able to participate in the real estate auctions we conduct for our clients. We quickly and efficiently we turn our client’s real estate assets into cash.

Started in 2009, Online-Auction Software is another of the Miedema Asset Management Group that provides and supports the software for the online auction bidding platform. All of the online-auction companies owned and operated by Miedema Asset Management Group utilize the OAS bidding platform. OAS also offers the opportunity to license this bidding platform software to other Independent Auction Operators (IAO).

Started in 2012, Rangerbid is our online auction company that allows businesses to sell their assets to end users, as well as to other businesses, with ease right from the seller’s location. When it is not convenient for a seller to have their own auction, or to transport their assets to one of our three fixed facilities, Rangerbid is the perfect source for listing and selling assets. Rangerbid auctions consist of items from multiple consignors and multiple locations around the country. The Rangerbid team will provide a high level of customer service and security while working hard to facilitate seamless transactions by utilizing a proven state of the art internet auction technology, provided by OAS.

Started in 2012, SSL Firearms is the Miedema federally licensed firearms dealership that specializes in selling all types of firearms and accessories – primarily through our weekly online auctions. Our two independent locations are within our Repocast. facilities that sell to eligible buyers across the United States. We also specialize in selling private collections, firearms from private individuals, and for municipalities/Public Safety Departments. We make selling your firearms safe, easy, and eliminate the legal concerns by being a licensed FFL dealer.

Our Team

Miedema Business Advisors is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan and incorporated in the State of Michigan. The company is owned by partners Sid and Scott Miedema and a natural extension of their current corporations and initiatives. Miedema Auctioneering conducted their first live auction in 1984. In 1987, founders Sid Miedema Sr., Sid Miedema Jr. and Scott Miedema established Miedema Auctioneering, Inc as a corporation.

Over the past 30 years, we’ve worked diligently to earn a reputation for honesty and integrity in the auction industry. We are consistently recognized for our accurate appraisals and ability to realize high volume sales. Our team incorporates the latest cutting-edge technology into our auction services to ensure that our clients have the best possible results for their asset management needs.

In 2000, we expanded our operations to include an internet bidding component in our sales. This has helped us grow our auction liquidation services. We are able to accommodate a wide variety of client needs given our extensive experience managing clients need to maximize returns.

Sid Miedema - CEO

Sid Miedema founded Miedema Auctioneering in 1984. Today, Miedema Auctioneering has grown into Miedema Asset Management Group, which consists of Miedema Auctioneering, Miedema Appraisals, Repocast.com, Orbitbid.com, LastBidRealestate.com, OAS, Rangerbid.com, SSL Corp LLC, and Orbitbidcharity.com. The companies annually conduct over 500 auctions and appraise millions of dollars of assets. Sid is a first generation auctioneer and was inducted into the MAA Hall of Fame in 2005 and MAA bid calling champion1995. He has served as Director and President of the MAA. He is a licensed real estate broker and member of CAR & MAR. Sid has been privileged to present seminars at several association events and calling bids for many charity auctions. Sid currently serves as CEO of Miedema Asset Management Group.

Scott Miedema - COO

Scott Miedema is the Chief Operating Officer of Miedema Asset Management Group. He assisted in starting Miedema Auctioneering with his brother, Sid Miedema, in 1984 and has helped transform their business into a leading global auction and liquidation service provider. Today Miedema Asset Management Group consists of Miedema Auctioneering, Miedema Appraisals, Repocast.com, Orbitbid.com, LastBidRealestate.com, OAS, Rangerbid.com, SSL Corp LLC, and Orbitbidcharity.com and employs over 180 throughout the United States. The companies annually conduct over 500 auctions and appraise millions of dollars of assets. Scott Miedema was a pioneer of the online auction methodology, as well as other asset management solutions that have transformed the auction industry. Scott has served as President of the MAA, was inducted into the MAA Hall of Fame in 2009, MAA Bid calling champion 2005, and has conducted hundreds of charity events raising tens of millions for many worthwhile organizations.

Kurt Mingerink - President of Miedema Asset Management Group

Kurt Mingerink is the President of Miedema Asset Management Group. As a graduate of Reppert School of Auctioneering, he specializes in both live and online auctions, and the acquisition and monetization of assets across the country. Kurt has over 14 years of experience working as a professional in the auction and equipment asset management industries. He is passionate about the auction industry, serving regularly to call bids for an array of charitable causes, and serves as an active member of several associations including The National Auctioneers Association, Industrial Auctioneers Association, Turn Around Management Association, Risk Management Association, and several others.

Brennen Lubbers - Business Valuation Specialist

Brennen Lubbers is the Business Valuation Specialist of Miedema Asset Management Group.  With over 9 years’ experience in the asset management industry, Brennen specializes in many areas of the monetization process from deal structure to equipment and business valuations.  Whether turnkey business offerings or equipment liquidations, Brennen has experience building and implementing a plan with our customers to maximize their net return. Over the last several years Brennen has assisted in many successful multi-million dollar business transactions.  Brennen is USPAP Ethics Certified from The National Auctioneer Association and a member of several other associations including the Michigan Business Brokers Association, Turn Around Management Association, Risk Management Association, Industrial Auctioneers Association and more. 

Austin Miedema - Sales/Operations Analyst

Bio Coming Soon!